Литвинова Нина Петровна
Litvinova Nina Petrovna president of the organization,
PhD, professor

House of Europe in Saint Petersburg — regional public organization, established in 1996, sees lifelong learning as its main goal; lifelong learning is implemented through establishing programs aimed at different target groups of adults, conducting conferences, seminars, research work, and organizing educational network structures.

Main objectives of the organization:

  • Studying and an overall concept of adult education;
  • Implementing the idea of lifelong learning;
  • Investigating the features of work with different target groups, forms of intergenerational programs, mechanisms of social partnership and networking in participating countries;
  • Strengthening unified educational environment, integrating domestic and foreign experience in the area of adult learning, training the members of the organization;
  • Disseminating innovation through networking of organizations that implement programs similar in content in participating countries;
  • Forming incentives for integrating formal and non-formal adult education based on social partnership of state, private and public organizations and institutions.

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How to find us

Russia, Saint Petersburg, Kurlyandskaya street 5